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West Austin Trees offers complete stump removal and stump grinding services in Hancock, Austin, and its neighboring areas.
Stump grinding and stump removal are the only two professional options available to eliminate tree stumps around your property. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

Stump Removal Hancock, Austin

After cutting down a tree from your yard, what’s left is the sturdy stump that once supported the tree. Do you leave the stump in your yard or get rid of it along with the tree?
Here are some reasons why you should perform stump removal after cutting down a tree in your yard:

  • If left untouched, stumps get in your way when mowing your lawn
  • It can be a trip hazard for your pets, family, and guests
  • You cannot replace a tree where you cut the previous one
  • They reduce the beauty of your landscape
  • If left in the ground, they start decaying slowly and become a hub for termites and other hazardous pests around your home.

Stump removal involves using heavy machines to dig out all the tree’s roots from the ground. The advantage of stump removal is that you will have a clean and open area in your landscape to plant a new tree. You also don’t have to worry about the rotting roots under the soil as they are entirely removed.

One huge disadvantage with stump removal is that you may end up churning through much of the soil around your property. Therefore, most property owners in Hancock, Austin, prefer using this option when the stump is far from their properties.

Stump Grinding Hancock, Austin

Stump grinding involves much more effort than stump removal. Our expert arborists in Hancock, Austin use a machine to shred the stump into small wood chips. Unlike stump removal, stump grinding doesn’t remove all the roots. The machine only shreds away the tree trunk until it’s gone.

Stump grinding machines can shred the remaining tree trunks up to 18 inches deep in the ground. However, the industry standards require experts to grind the stump until it’s gone. In fact, that’s how we do it at West Austin Trees in Hancock, Austin.

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Importance of stump removal & stump grinding in Hancock, Austin

  Safety: Tree stumps are always risky when left in your compound. Your children can get injured when playing, and it can be challenging for you when mowing your lawn in Hancock, Austin.

  Pest & Disease Control: Insects such as termites, carpenter ants, and beetles get attracted to decaying tree stumps. When you leave a tree stump around your yard in Hancock, Austin, you will be inviting them to your home, which means posing an environmental concern for other healthy trees and shrubs in your home. 

  Aesthetics: Stumps will always be an eyesore in your yard. With molds and weeds growing around them, it’s never a better decision to leave them around your property in Hancock, Austin.

Knowing the difference between stump removal and stump grinding can be helpful when thinking of the best option to use to eliminate tree stumps around your yard. You should note that the cost varies depending on other factors such as wood hardness, soil texture, tree location, and diameter.

Whatever option you choose to get rid of your stump around your property in Hancock, Austin, we can help you do it professionally. We have the most competitive prices that match the quality we offer. West Austin Trees strives to ensure satisfaction in our trump removal and stump grinding services in Hancock, Austin.


Many homeowners in Hancock, Austin, have been asking the same question. Do the roots re-sprout after stump grinding? The answer is NO. The roots of a ground stump will slowly decay in the soil. So does this mean there will be holes and spaces in the ground after the decay?

NO. Roots in the soil will decompose in that there will be no vacuum left. This is so because it’s a gradual process that takes time.

While there is no problem with it, West Astin Trees experts in Hancock, Austin recommend that you don’t. The roots left behind after stump grinding will make it hard for the new tree to grow. They block the space a tree requires to extend its roots into the ground, and the decomposing changes the soil’s acidity.

However, if you can’t do without a tree in the same space, you should opt for stump removal rather than stump grinding. You will also need to get your soil tested and restore its acidity when necessary before planting a new tree.

Most homeowners in Hancock, Austin use the sawdust left after stump grinding to fill the hole left behind. If it’s more than enough to fill the gap, we can help you take it to the compost center, where it turns into mulch.

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Our expertise and training allow us to remove stumps faster than the competition because there aren’t many scenarios we haven’t dealt with in Hancock, Austin in the past.

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Our Hancock, Austin based business is fully equipped to handle tree stumps of any size, any wood type in any soil conditions.

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If you are also using our business in Hancock, Austin to have a tree removal or need more than one tree stump removed, we will adjust our rates to save our customers some cash money.


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