Austin is one of Texas’ most exciting cities, with plenty to do for people of all ages. If you’ve decided to visit Austin with your family for a vacation or simply find yourself in the city with your family and children, here are some interesting activities to do in Austin with kids.

1. Inner Space Cavern

space carven

Why It’s Worth Your Time: This is a fascinating underground cavern uncovered by chance by a construction worker while working on the I-35 motorway. One of the best things to do in Austin with kids is to visit the Inner Space Cavern. It’s an excellent approach to teach your children about different rock formations.


What to Do: Pick one of the guided tours. They provide great insight into caves, and they’re really fun to do! You’ll be able to tell the difference between stalagmites and stalactites by the end of the tour.


For: All ages

2. Jourdan-Bachman Pioneer Farms

jourdan bachman

Why It’s Worth Your Time: This is a fun and entertaining way of learning more about Central Texas. The programs and activities are focused toward children, so if you’re searching for something to do with your kids this weekend, take them to Jourdan-Bachman Pioneer Farms.


What to Do: You can book yourself in advance to participate in one of the events or simply embark on the self-guided walking tour and enjoy the themed exhibits.


For: All ages

3. Chaparral Ice

chaparral ice

Why It’s Worth Your Time: Chaparral Ice, once a booming shopping mall, is now a vibrant leisure zone where you can enjoy free skating as well as ice skating.


What to Do: At Chaparral Ice, you may enjoy ice skating, free skating, and even curling depending on the season. There are also competitive hockey games that you can play with your children. It’s a great opportunity for the kids to have some old-fashioned fun.


For: Ages 3 and up.

4. Mount Bonnell

mount bonnell

Why It’s Worth Your Time: Mount Bonnell automatically features quite high on a list of top things to do with kids in Austin, Texas. It provides plenty of open room for children to enjoy some fresh air and run around in.


What to Do: Go to Covert Park at Mount Bonnell, the highest point in the city, to enjoy some spectacular views. The best part is that even small children can easily complete the 102-stair climb, so We strongly suggest it.


For: All ages

5. Laguna Gloria and Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve

laguna gloria and mayfield park and nature preserve

Why It’s Worth Your Time:The enjoyable spots for kids in Austin include Laguna Gloria and Mayfield Park & Nature Preserve. This is a two-in-one location that offers both learning and fun.


What to Do: One of my favorite features of the Laguna Gloria museum is the Betty and Edward Marcus Sculpture Park. Mayfield Park is likewise large and beautiful, with peacocks gently strolling through the grounds.


For: All ages

6. Patterson Park

patterson park

Why It’s Worth Your Time: Patterson Park is a great place to visit if you’re traveling with children. This is a fantastic way for the kids to relax and enjoy themselves in the great outdoors.


What to Do: Enjoy the benefits of the park’s volleyball courts, picnic tables, and various playgrounds. There are several beautiful trees to climb as well. Let the childrens run around in this fantastic park.


For: All ages

7. Texas Memorial Museum

texas memorial museum

Why It’s Worth Your Time: The Texas Memorial Museum, which has been there since the 1930s and was Austin’s first scientific museum, is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for something to do indoors.

What to Do: With the children, you can learn about Texas’ natural history. This museum is a pleasure if you or your children enjoy dinosaurs.

You’ll have to go through thousands of specimens, which may take several days. Make a list of the galleries and exhibits you want to visit in one day.

For: All ages

8. Pease District Park

pease district

Why It’s Worth Your Time: Pease District Park is also a superb choice if you’re exploring exciting family activities in Austin. The park runs along Shoal Creek and has long been a favorite of Austin residents.

What to Do: You can take a walk with your family or simply sit by the river and breathe in the fresh air. I recommend bringing a picnic basket and using the picnic tables beneath the shade of the trees.

For: all ages

9. Texas Capitol

texas capitol

Why It’s Worth Your Time: One of Austin’s most family-friendly landmarks is the Texas Capitol. Although it may appear to be a dull spot to take the kids, there is a lot to learn about the state here.

What to Do: Enjoy the building’s magnificent architecture and pink granite exterior. There are also free guided tours, which I recommend taking, and plenty of open room for the children to enjoy on the green lawns.

For: all ages

10. Austin Nature & Science Center

nature science center

Why It’s Worth Your Time: The Austin Nature & Science Center is a great place to take the kids. The museum has various practical learning experiences that make learning about the natural history of the state enjoyable for children.

What to Do: Explore the facility and participate in the various displays. What I like best about this center is that kids are allowed to touch everything, unlike most other museums!

For: Ages 3 and up.

11. Republic Square


Why It’s Worth Your Time: If you’re looking for children’s activities, Republic Square organizes several things for a younger audience through the year. There is a lot of green area and shade for kids to run around in.

What to Do: Visit the Central Library and Republic Square at the same time. There are also food trucks parked here, as well as a farmers market on Sundays.

For: all ages

12. Zilker Metropolitan Park

zilker metropolitan park

Why It’s Worth Your Time: Every year, Zilker Metropolitan Park organizes a number of children’s events. You can also relax in the lake, as well as bring your children and dogs.

What to Do: At Lady Bird Lake, you can also hire kayaks. There are waterfalls to enjoy at the Botanical Gardens as well. Bring your pets to a park picnic if you have them.

For: all ages

13. Texas Toy Museum


Why It’s Worth Your Time: If you grew up collecting action figures or if your children do, toy museum is the place to take them. You can go back in time and look at older toys, old video games, and other goods.

What to Do: Just relax and enjoy some quality time with your children while playing retro video games and admiring action figures.

For: Ages 3 and up

14. See Bats

Why It’s Worth Your Time: Mexican free-tailed bats thrive in the city. During the season from April to May and from July to August, you can see this bird formation in the sky.

What to Do: Watch the bats descend from underneath Congress Avenue bridge after sunset for their nightly hunt.

For: all ages

15. The Long Center for the Performing Arts

the long center

Why It’s Worth Your Time: Performing arts may not be the standard activity that kids usually sign up for, but at The Long Center, there are programs that are designed even for kids.

What to Do: See what the family section has to offer by checking at the events calendar. You’ll undoubtedly find something perfect for the kids. It’s a fantastic method to get children interested in the performing arts.

For: Ages 3 and up.

16. Epic Fun

epic fun

Why It’s Worth Your Time: If you’re looking for some fun family activity to do indoors, Epic Fun is a great option to consider. There are activities and games for people of all ages.

What to Do: Epic Fun is a fantastic alternative to explore if you’re seeking for a fun indoor family activity. Everyone of all ages can participate in activities and games.

For: All ages

17. Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

lady bird

Why It’s Worth Your Time: The Wildflower Center is a wonderful destination to come at any time of year since it is a gorgeous paradise of plants and flowers. The facility is home to a variety of birds, insects, and mammals, as well as nine acres of gardens with 800 varieties of local flora.

What to Do: Embrace nature’s richness and make use of this opportunity to teach compassion and preservation to the younger children.

For: all ages

18. McKinney Falls State Park

mckinney falls

Why It’s Worth Your Time: The best way to spend a hot summer day is to enjoy some fun in the sun while taking a dip in the pool at the end of the McKinney Falls hiking trail. The beautiful area in the center of Austin makes the area perfect for exploring during the warmer months.

What to Do: Choose a hike depending on the level of difficulty, then you and your family can handle by packing a hiking bag full of refreshments, first aid, and water.

For: All ages

19. Dinosaur Park

dinosaur park

Why It’s Worth Your Time: Most children grow up with a curiosity about dinosaurs and the world they once lived in. Dinosaur Park is the ideal site to explore these interests.

What to Do: This park features life-size dinosaur models. A pathway is surrounded with replicas that follow an educational path as well. We believe that younger children will love excavating for dinosaur bones and running about in the playground.

For: all ages

20. Cathedral of Junk

cathderal of junk

Why It’s Worth Your Time: Who wouldn’t be fascinated by a large cathedral-like building constructed completely of trash and rubbish of all kinds?

This is a fantastic example of creativity, and I think youngsters will enjoy seeing how, for example, a can of coke became a light fixture at the Cathedral of Junk.


What to Do: Other than strolling around and enjoying the artistic creativity that has gone into this gigantic project, there isn’t much else to do here.


For: all ages

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