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Just like people, for trees to live a longer, healthy life, they need regular tree checkups from arborists working with professional tree care companies. If you want to protect your trees from pests and diseases in Austin, TX, you need to perform regular checkups for early tree disease and pests detection.

Tree Disease & Pest Control

West Austin Trees have fully licensed and insured arborists that can help you take good care of your trees in Austin, TX, and its surroundings. Having scheduled tree maintenance has several advantages:

  Recover after the storm: Strong winds, lightning, and storm conditions can cause severe damage to a healthy tree. In Austin, TX, a bad storm can bring down trees completely. However, if the storm just left damage to your tree, we can come and help you remove it.

Whether it’s broken branches or a leaning tree, we have the best solution for every problem caused by extreme weather conditions.

  Timely tree trimming: Tree trimming should always be done regularly and when it’s necessary. Regular check-ups on your tree mean that you will trim your trees at the right time and keep them healthy by removing dead branches and excess branches that can choke the tree if left unattended.

You will also control diseases and pests from spreading to other healthy parts of the tree. If you want your tree to remain healthy and appealing, you should perform regular checkups to know the right time to trim them.

  Keep trees healthy: Trees also get sick. It takes regular checkups to detect diseases and keep the trees healthy. If you are in Austin, TX, you can trust West Austin Trees to perform tree disease and pest control in your yard.

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Our services

Emergency Tree Services
Most trees fall during extreme weather conditions because their trunks and main branches grew structurally weak due to diseases. Our experts can help you with tree disease and pest control through pruning and early disease detection. You will save yourself from costly emergency tree removal services by doing early tree disease and pest control.

Tree Removal
If you allow diseases to get into your tree without attending to it, it will grow weakly. You will have to remove its main branches or the whole tree in the future. However, if you conduct proper tree disease and pest control for your tree from a young age, you will not bear the cost of tree removal services. Save yourself from incurring future tree removal costs by letting us conduct tree disease and pest control in Austin, TX, and its surroundings.

Stump Removal
Even after removing a dead or weak tree around your property, you have to take care of the left-behind stumps. While we provide stump removal services in Austin, TX, we recommend that you better prevent getting to this point by taking good care of your trees through early tree disease and pest control.

Signs of a dying tree

To conduct a timely tree disease and pest control, you will need to understand the signs that trees show when dying slowly.
Here are some signs you should be keen on when conducting regular checkups on your tree.

Falling branches: Normally, trees should have strong and healthy main branches holding to the tree’s trunk. But when you notice a tree losing its branches more often, something could be wrong with its overall health.

The declining health of the bark of a tree: A sap oozing from the bark of a tree may indicate a sick tree. Sometimes, it may be infested with pests and insects that are sucking the sap from the tree.

Leaning tree: One of the most common signs of a dying tree. However, sometimes, the tree might start leaning after severe weather conditions. Still, this may mean it has weak root systems that require proper attention.

Numerous deadwood: Your tree may lose a few branches and twigs once in a while. But if it becomes the norm and loses them in abundance, your tree may be dying slowly. With the few branches and leaves, your tree will struggle to photosynthesize and eventually have a slow death.

West Austin Trees can help you keep your trees alive through the help of professional arborists. Contact us today for your tree disease and pest control needs in Austin, TX, and its surroundings. Our professional arborists are ready to help you improve your tree’s health and maintain its beauty in your landscape.


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