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What We Offer

Getting a reliable tree removal service company in Barton Hills, Austin can be hectic if you are a novice and don’t understand what to look for. With several tree removal service companies available, you should ensure that you are only working with the best in the industry.

West Austin Trees in Barton Hills is one of the most trusted and reliable tree removal service companies you can use for your tree removal needs. We have been offering complete local tree removal services in Barton Hills, Austin, TX, all the neighboring areas for several years now. We have invested in some of the top-quality equipment and well-trained experts to ensure a smooth tree removal process in your compound.

To ensure the safety of our workers, your family, and your property, West Austin Trees in Barton Hills is an insured company, and every damage that may happen is covered. This helps you avoid losses in case of any mishappening. However, throughout our service provision, we have not received any claim. Our goal is always to have a smooth tree removal process and keep everyone safe.

Tree Removal
Our experts in Barton Hills, Austin are trained to take down small and large trees near your property without causing any damage to properties nearby. After tree cutting, we also offer stump removal or stump grinding to ensure your landscape stays as safe as possible.

If you want to keep the mulch to plant grass or a new tree in the area, we can help you do that. We will always be in communication with you throughout the process to ensure what we are doing is how you want it to be done. Our goal is to provide satisfactory tree removal services to you.

By using West Austin Trees for your tree removal needs, you don’t just keep it affordable; you are also ensuring safety in your home by relying on our experts and quality equipment.

Why West Austin Trees is ahead of the rest

Some reasons why we have been the go-to place for the tree removal services are:

Affordable Pricing: There’s no other place in Barton Hills, Austin you can get quality services at such fair prices. Since we have our long-term goals, expanding our customer base and providing reliable services requires that we keep our prices affordable to you to not miss out on getting our tree removal services.

We Always Rely On One Philosophy: That if we provide unmatched tree removal service and have fair prices attached with them, then we will expand our customer base in Barton Hills, Austin and get more deals through referrals, repeat customers, and customer reviews. For this reason, we are always on the hunt to compare our pricing with different tree service companies and then set them at prices you will never find elsewhere.

We Are Fully Insured: When trying to shop for tree removal companies for tree services, ensuring that the company is insured is one of the most important factors to put into consideration. An insured tree removal company covers all the unplanned circumstances such as accidents that may occur during the tree removal process. West Austin Trees in Barton Hills is a fully insured tree service company.

This means as a homeowner, you will not be liable for any accidents and damages that may occur during the tree removal process. Both our clients and workers are covered. You can always count on us to keep you safe while you get the services you desire. We plan to dominate the industry in Barton Hills, Austin for years to come, and that’s why we strive to do everything right.

 Emergency Services: Did the storm take down trees and blocked your driveway in Barton Hills, Austin? Or there’s a large branch breaking from the tree and worried about your safety? We are always available to handle all the tree removal emergency services in your residential and commercial areas.
We have a team of trained professionals that can quickly respond to your emergency needs and remove the danger before it happens and destroy nearby properties. We have been in the industry for years now and have seen trees fall on powerlines, houses, cars, and nearby properties. When this happens to you, call us immediately. We are always available to offer a helping hand.
 Eco-friendly: No one wants to cut trees just for the sake of it. Trees are an important addition to our landscape, and we always try to keep the beauty and benefits they give. However, there are times when you have to remove unwanted trees such as dead trees and trees that bring havoc around your home.
When grown near your home, some trees can damage plumbing systems and driveways with their roots that go far in search of water. When this is the case, tree removal becomes a necessity.
You can rely on us to provide the most eco-friendly option so that we help conserve the environment around your property in Barton Hills, Austin.

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