How To Identify Ash Trees in Austin

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Cedars are native to many parts of the world. They usually grow in areas with lots of moisture. Cedar trees can grow to over 100 feet tall! It’s a good idea to know how big a tree you’re planting is going to get. So, how tall can a cedar grow?

That depends on many factors but speaking in general, cedars have a medium to fast growth rate. Cedars, in general, grow faster than most other trees and can grow up to 25 inches per year. But usually, they grow in a range of 12 to 24 inches a year.


The leaf of the ash is a good fertilizer that promotes the growth of plants. It decays and decomposes easily to form humus after being exposed to sunlight for a long time. That helps to form the soil underneath the ash tree and retain moisture well. Learn how to care for Ash trees in Austin



The leaf is smooth and flat with 9-13 leaflets. The leaves have long tips and are borne opposite each other. Leaves react to light and their leaflet positioning can direct them to catch the most light from the sun. At times the entire crown of a tree will lean to one side for this reason. The leaves fall when they’re still green because the trees don’t need the stored nitrogen in them.

Ash tree green leaf


Ash trees bear the first flowers of the season when they are about 30 years old. 

The flowers are borne in bunches before the shoots and leaves in April and May. They are deep purple in colour and emit a strong scent, attracting night-flying insects. These insects are an important source of food for bats.



Autumn is the season when the fruits are ripe and ready for dispersal in October. They turn from green to brown at the time of ripening.

The fruits are like bunches of keys, hanging in clusters. Each fruit is usually around 3cm long and the actual seed part of this length, but with the rest of the fruit being a wing to help disperse it.

The High Plains Journal says there’s a war going on in Texas and elsewhere against “Eastern red cedar” (aka Eastern redcedar). They’re actually junipers (a member of the Juniperus genus), but that doesn’t make them any less hardy.

They’re tolerant to drought, salt, cold as well as heat, and live for 500 years. But like the rest of the cedars you’re familiar with in North America, they’re not true cedars.

Ash tree fruits


The young tree barks look greyish, but as the tree gets older it will get darker grey and wrinkly. An ash tree can grow to up to 40 metres high and is one of our tallest native trees. You can see it all around the world. The lifespan of an Ash tree is somewhere between 200 to 300 years in good conditions.



Ash trees grow rapidly in rich soil. It can grow well near rivers and in wet woodlands, but it forms proper woodland only on well-drained soil. In Northern Ireland, ash is the most common tree. It has been expanding its range to suit new environmental conditions, including when we began to clear our woodlands (about 6000 years ago) in order to make room for farms and settlements.


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