Cost To Grind A Stump In Austin

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Stump Grinding Costs & Estimates


Grinding a stump will set you back the following amounts:


  • For hiring, there is a price range = $100+
  • Average hiring cost = $100-$400+
  • DIY & Renting Price range = $75 to $400+
  • Average renting cost = $500-$1000
  • Best/cheapest offers = $75 (diy/rent) vs $100 (hire)


If you’re like most folks, you’d prefer to get rid of the stump left behind after chopping down a tree in your yard. If you don’t, you’ll have to trim around it all the time, which may be quite unattractive.

A stump can be removed in a number of methods, but the fastest and most efficient option is to grind it away. Stump grinding is the recommended method of stump removal, and stump grinding costs vary depending on whether you do it yourself or hire a professional. The costs of stump grinding are outlined in this guide.


Cost For Professional Stump Grinding

In most circumstances, hiring a professional to grind away stumps on your land is the best option. It may be more expensive upfront, but consider how much more pricey it would be to rent a stump grinder first and then call a professional if you fail to properly remove a stump.

According to our analysis, the typical cost of grinding a stump ranges from $100 to $400 per stump, with a $3 price per diameter. Renting a stump grinder for half a day for $75 or $250 to $400 for a full day will save you money if you grind the stump yourself.

One thing to keep in mind is that different companies charge differently for this service. Consider the following scenario:

  • Using the Stump’s Diameter – The average cost per diameter is $3, with most businesses charging at least $100. If you have a large number of stumps to grind, multiply the average size of the bunch by the number of stumps, and then multiply that by the per-inch fee.If you have 50 stumps to grind and their average diameter is 10 inches, you will need 500 inches of grinding space. Your bill will be $1,500 if the provider charges $3 per inch.

  • By the Hour – Companies only charge per hour for stump grinding if they are clearing huge areas of land with dozens or even hundreds of stumps. The average hourly rate for this operation, which is performed by a massive, heavy-duty stump grinder, is around $150. Only a small percentage of homeowners will ever require stump grinding services.

  • By the Stump – This is most likely the most prevalent method of charging for stump grinding services. To figure out how much overall stump grinding will cost, you’ll need to know how many stumps you’ll be dealing with.In most circumstances, the company will charge between $100 and $200 for the first stump, with a discounted pricing for subsequent stumps. They could also charge a set fee of $500 for the first ten stumps and $25 to $30 for each subsequent stump.



Prices & Factors When Renting a Stump Grinder

If you prefer to take matters into your own hands, hire a stump grinder and remove that stubborn stump yourself. Keep a few things in mind before attempting to do so. For starters, the stump grinder you rent is unlikely to be capable enough to support a massive stump.

Stump grinders for rent are suitable for older, decayed stumps and stumps that are quite small. They also don’t grind too much below grade, so the overall outcome might not be exactly what you’re looking for. Renting a stump grinder, on the other hand, can save you money if the case calls for it.

You should anticipate to pay approximately $75 to $150 for a half-day rental of a stump grinder. You’ll spend between $250 and $400 if you require it for an entire day. Is it really worth it?

That is contingent on how much professional stump grinding services in your location charge on a regular basis. Enter your zip code to find out how much stump grinder equipment costs at one of Sunbelt Rentals’ 450 sites near you.


Requirements for a Stump Grinder

For your work, you’ll want to pay close attention to the characteristics of the various types and models of stump grinders. Here are some general specifications to look for, but pay close attention to the cutting capacity as it relates to your tree stump. If you’re uncertain about the importance or necessity of any of these, consult a local expert.

  • Cutter Wheel
  • Cutting Capacity Above Ground
  • Cutting Capacity Below Ground
  • Height
  • Length
  • Power Source
  • Weight
  • Width


With this knowledge, you should get a good sense of how much it will cost to grind away the stumps on your property, making it easier to look for the best price. Read more about tree stump removal & grinding services here.

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